Yesterday, just before I left the Lima Private Cloud on the Computer Creative blog, my iMac started to be weird. The spinning beachball remained but turning.

At one point there was nothing more than restarting the thing. Then the misery really started. The Lima software announced that there were problems and that I had to send a bug report to them. And the Mac remained slow as a big syrup. Restart again, but I did not get the talk anymore. There was nothing else to fall in the macOS crushes. During the start, something was in the way of Lima. But what? App Cleaner came for me.

Login applications

The System Preferences with login applications for Users and Groups

With the System Preferences on the Mac, users and groups can see which applications are automatically opened when you start your Mac. So I went there first. It was AdobeRecourses Synchronizer, iTunesHelper, Android File Transfer Agent, Google Chrome, Backup and Sync from Google and the Lima. There was actually nothing strange between. Maybe the Lima. Nevertheless, more applications start. For example, OneDrive from Microsoft, which I do not use, but that automatically accompanies the Office Suite. In addition, I installed a beta version of XFENCE a month or so ago from F-Secure. XFENCE is designed to better protect your Mac from hackers, phishing malware, and so on. It seemed interesting to me, but I did not have enough time to look good. It was also a process that started when I turned on the Mac. I wanted off OneDrive and XFENCE. However, they did not stand between these preferences.

Clean up startup processes

With the Extensions in App Cleaner you will find all boot processes, the Launch agents.

I could not install XFENCE with any possibility. There was nothing in the installer that allowed that. I googled on deinstall XFENCE , got some scripts that I tried, but XFENCE remained untouched. How do I get that! &% & ^ $% # !! - XFENCE? And then there was OneDrive, which I wanted to go forever. Suddenly, I remembered the app I bought in App Store a while ago: App Cleaner ( HERE ). I started App Cleaner - everything was still slow on the Mac - and App Cleaner started to slow down all installed applications. Inadvertently I typed XFENCE. At last it appeared in the window with all the things that belonged to it. I used to know everything about this software and get rid of it! In the App Cleaner Extensions tab, I also encountered OneDrive boot-up between all kinds of Launch Agents . Hahaah! There I had to take him away: get away with it! (Under Windows, I already drove OneDrive from my laptop.) Immediately the Lima software off, which I installed again later.

App Cleaner

After restarting the Mac, everything went well. It took forever for my mail to be readable again, but I had the impression that the Mac turned again. Install Lima again and restart again. And yes, there was the Lima disk on the desktop again! After this hassle, I could finally post the blog post on the Lima online. Of course I do not really know what caused the problem. Perhaps the restoration of Lima had already helped. It seemed that the whole Mac was particularly slow, but more obvious. The whole hassle has made sure that I do not need to turn OneDrive off after launching. It also reminded me of the utility of App Cleaner, which allows you to remove entire applications, but also to see exactly what all starts when you turn on your Mac.