According to a news release on Whatsapp scam today, the warning is no longer to leave the social media most necessary.

People are and tend to share and share social media. That goes even as far as phone numbers and email addresses are shared in public profiles. A very bad idea. This is evidenced by, among other things, this message in today's Telegraph (free registration lets you read the complete article). We can only say that it is stupid to fill in personal information such as phone numbers, email, address and more with a Facebook profile. Leave all those things empty, and they can never be abused. If you have them already, remove them quickly or make them invisible to visitors to your Facebook page. It prevents abuse by criminals in, for example, Whatsapp.

Fake brother or sister

The linked article describes a particularly shy way of scam. Criminals are looking for phone numbers listed on (among others) Facebook in public profiles. Then they check who this person has as "friends", especially family and many responding close friends are interesting. Once they find such a person, a Whatsapp account is created with the exact same name as that person. And then the game begins. You suddenly get a message from your brother or sister who is in serious distress. For example, because his or her phone has been stolen abroad. That immediately explains the number associated with the Whatsapp account. And because besides the phone the wallet with all the means of payment and tickets has also been wrecked, money is needed to cover the costs in the stranger. And to buy a new ticket home. All of the biggest nonsense of course, because there are travel insurance for invented.

Easy to check

If you see a well-known look in Whatsapp with an unknown phone number, all alarm bells must be canceled immediately. Check is simple: call the contact on his or her original number. You're out of date soon or there's really something wrong. is. If not: quickly block that fake brother, sister, friend or other contact! Never panic immediately. Even if there's really something going on with a family member or knowledge, a bell will not matter in time. And prevention is even better than healed. So leave your phone numbers and address details as few as possible. On any site. Only fill in if it really can not and can always check if these things are not in a public profile.